Pet Preform Molds

Acme Disys holds prominence as a market-leading pet preform molds manufacturer India Company. The company has proven experience of 17+ years in the manufacturing of high quality PET Preform molds. Having a team of experienced and competent designers, the company makes sure that all molds and dies are designed and developed by adept personnel with strict adherence to the set industry standards.

What puts Acme’s products on the cutting edge is the ability of the company to produce customised Pet moulds which are available in different sizes as per the exact needs of the clients. As the provider of the best PET Preform molds in New Delhi, Acme makes use of ultra-advanced software for product designing as well as moulding of each and every product. The company has established its own innovative design studio where experts having decades of industry experience create products with consistent dimensions and high precision.

It is the infrastructural prowess of the company that enables it to produce the best PET Preform molds in India through quality driven product designing, mold designing and molding process simulations. The advanced design methodology adopted by Acme assures optimal thickness, thread fitment, stretch ability, weight, and other essential product features make it a leading Pet moulds Manufacturer India.