Pet plastic cap moulds

Acme Disys is a renowned plastic mould manufacturer. We are not only in possession of injection moulds, but also hold an expertise in manufacturing pet plastic cap moulds. Furthermore, our workforce consists of trained technical professionals who have engaged themselves in this mould making process, since years now.

Our preform pet plastic molds depend on the functionality of the products. As soon as we are set on the injection mould requirements of our clients, we gear up to offer our best and most appropriate and relevant solutions, along withensuring that the job is all done within the consented deadline. This not only shows our professionalism but also that we value your time.

The process behind pet plastic cap moulds is both tricky as well as equally easy to hang on. First of all, a wide range of raw materials are acquired, preferably the thermosetting plastic, elastomers and thermoplastic polymers, keeping in mind their viscosity to make the most of the process. These are then melted by exerting into high pressure and temperature. The melted polymer is filled in an auger, from where it is then poured in the molds to cast it into the required shape and size. Now is the turn of the cooling process, which gives the entire process the final touch.