Moulding Company South Africa

In respect to the resourcefulness of Plastic today, it is needless to say that plastic is the most versatile utility material. Taking ahead effectiveness of PET across the world, Acme Disys has emerged as the leading mould making companies in South Africa. Enhancing the technology, Acme Disys has been striving as leading PET Preform suppliers setting new benchmarks in manufacturing high-grade precision molds and Thin-Wall packaging containers, Cap molds etc. 

Acme Disys has established its hold in the global market as PET Preform suppliers using advanced manufacturing technology. Plastic Injection Molding is one such process manufacturing technique that enables large scale production of high precision molds and related products. Acme Disys has embarked on trajectory growth of its production capacity emerging as Plastic Injection Moulding Company in South Africa and across various other international frontiers. With an aim to take utility of versatile plastic manufactured components across the world, Acme Disys has expanded its presence in African continents. 

The process of injection molding combines three-stage development process that involves extracting thermosetting plastic, polymers and other raw materials, melting the same under high temperature conditions, turning polymers in liquid that is passed through subsequent cooling processes for solidification. Acme Disys is known for its ISO-certification and assured quality delivery in manufacturing high-end precision molds.