Hot runner die

Hot runner dies is one of the most sophisticated components in the entire injection molding process is Hot runners. It is the structure in thecongregation of several heated components, which helps injecting the molten plastic into the openings of the mold with requisite shape and size, thus playing the most important role in the successful completion of the molding process.

Acme Disys, ever since its commencement, has been counting innovation and quality as its key traits. This can be seen in the consistent rise in their quality of work, as we have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of injection molds, not only in India but on the global panorama.

Types of Hot runner molds:

  • Insulated Runners- They has extra large passages formed in the mould plate. These passages are sufficient size-wise, to allow the insulated effects of the cooled polymer, combined with the applied heat, to maintain an open and molten flow channel.
  • Heated Runners- This process consists of two designs, one internally heated and the other externally. Whereas the former is distinguished by internally heating, with the heat being supplied by a probe and torpedo located in the passageway, the latter consists of various cartridge-heated internal flow passageway. They are designed with keeping in mind a range of insulating features to distinguish it from the rest of the mold. This thus lessens the heat transfer.